Ted Pierson, PhD., Chief of the Viral Pathogenesis Section at NIH, will be the guest speaker at TBRI's Annual Event – 6pm on Nov 11, 2014, at the St. Petersburg Yacht Club

by TBRI on 09/24/14

Dr. Pierson will present an overview of his laboratories work on a number of viruses currently making their way into Florida. The title of his presentation is:


Arboviruses at your doorstep: Combating emerging mosquito-borne viral pathogens of Florida

Arboviruses are viruses transmitted via insect vectors, many of which cause serious disease in humans for which there are no specific therapies. In some notable cases, such as Yellow Fever virus, vaccines have been developed to blunt the impact of several arboviruses on global health. Recent years have brought three medically important arboviruses into the region, including West Nile virus. In his talk, Dr. Pierson will discuss the challenges of developing safe and effective vaccines for three mosquito-borne emerging viral pathogens with significant potential to impact public health in our area.

August 26, 2014 Student Research Symposium

by TBRI on 08/04/14

Please join us and enjoy a review of TBRI's Summer Student Research Program! We will be hearing from TBRI's own, Dr. Guy Bradley, SPC's Dr. Michelle Osovitz and students from SPC, Eckerd College, and Palm Harbor High School!

Informative and enlightening presentations are sure to provide updates on TBRI's ongoing research and how our summer student researchers have been enriched by their experience at TBRI.  Click on the EVENTS page to RSVP.

Publication of TBRI's most recent findings

by TBRI on 07/03/14

TBRI's most recent findings describing how the pine cone extract affects the immune system has been published in the journal, BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine. The title of the article is, An orally active immune adjuvant prepared from cones of Pinus sylvestris, enhances the proliferative phase of a primary T cell response.The article can be reviewed and/or downloaded by clicking on following link: http://www.biomedcentral.com/1472-6882/14/163

TBRI Summer Undergraduate Research Program

by TBRI on 06/07/14

The TBRI Summer Undergraduate Research Program is off to a great start. For the last three weeks students from St. Petersburg College and Eckerd College have been evaluating molecules from the pine cone extract with the potential of being responsible for the extracts biological activity.  This already looks to be a very productive and learning intensive summer program. 

THANK YOU to Students from Our Savior Lutheran School!

by TBRI on 04/24/14

As part of an assignment to give back to the community, students (Drake, Hannah, Olivia, and Jocelyn) from Our Savior Lutheran School raised money for research at TBRI by selling pizza at a local restaurant. The owner of the restaurant graciously matched the money they raised.   At the end of our "Discover the Power" event these wonderful students presented TBRI's president (Dr. Akiko Tanaka) with a substantial check.  It was a wonderful way to conclude the event.  Again, we thank Drake, Hannah, Olivia, Jocelyn, their teacher and the restaurant owner for helping support TBRI!

Ted Pierson, PhD., Chief of the Viral Pathogenesis Section, National Institutes of Health, will be the guest speaker at TBRI's Annual Event to be held on Nov 11, 2014, at the St. Petersburg Yacht Club.

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